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On Board Ltd

                             Interior Plastering Services

Just a little of what we do...

Level 5

On Board Ltd standard finishing of plasterboard is to a level 4 paint finish which means the surface is ready to be painted without any further work. Sometimes critical light issues can require the next level of finish, which is level 5.

Critical light occurs when light shining over the plasterboard highlights the difference in texture between the joints and the plasterboard. This light can be through windows, doors or skylights at certain times of the day or even through the choice of the light fittings for your house. Painting dark colours such as those used in feature walls can also enhance the effect.

Level 5 is an extra coating applied to the surface generally. Although it does provide a better overall surface finish than level 4 please be aware that in some instances level 5 will still not hide texture differences so please discuss this with us if you have any concerns.

Fibrefuse and Stippled Ceilings

On Board Ltd can offer our expertise in the application and installation of Fibrefuse sheeting over existing wall and ceiling linings. This repairs existing damage to sheets and provides an insurance against future damage and is particularly effective on lath and plaster substrates.

Our portfolio also includes many contracts where skim-coating of stippled ceilings to a flat surface have been required without relining with plasterboard. This provides a fresh and modern finish to your home without the disruption of major building works.  

Earthquake repairs / New Homes

On Board Ltd has undertaken numerous successful repairs of plasterboard linings in response to damage caused by the Canterbury earthquakes. Working with Insurance companies and Fletcher EQR, we have helped Cantabrians return to their homes and have been proud to assist in this.

Likewise we are also proud of our continued involvement in the Canterbury rebuild - both with residential and commercial projects in partnership with our key builder clients.